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My Astro Timelapse Addiction

I know I don’t post nearly enough blog posts to be considered a blogger, but here’s my latest 🙂 As many of you might know… my name is Kevin and I’m a Timelapse addict. I love watching timelapse videos, as well as filming stuff in fast and slow motion. Last weekend, Anthony and I ventured … Continue reading

Interesting times… they are occurring!

No I’m not talking about U.S. Politics, the State of Emergency in Trinidad & Tobago, or Kim Kardashian’s short lived marriage (now who of you really thought that would last?) I’m talking about taking the steps necessary to make your dreams a reality. Less than two years ago as you may have read in my … Continue reading

Rest In Peace Steve

Yesterday we lost someone who literally changed our world. I am sure there will be tonnes of blog posts, tribute videos, commentaries, fan mail… and even some hate mail, now that Steve Jobs has left this mortal plane. But I still wanted to write something about a man I never met, never saw in person, … Continue reading

Timelapsing Through Trinidad

The final edit of my Trinidad timelapse adventure has been loaded up on Vimeo and will be made public when I finish this blog post. This was the first time I attempted doing a project of this size and I think there were a lot of lessons learned to apply to my future projects, both … Continue reading

Day 4… a day of rest… and blogging

Day 4 of being back home in Trinidad. It’s definitely great to be back home, but my attempt to timelapse Trinidad is having mixed results. The weather has been unpredictable, with rain falling at random times of the day in varying degrees of intensity and duration. Most of all though I really underestimated the importance … Continue reading

Looking forward to an epic adventure!

The word “epic” has been jumping around alot these days… well at least in my world 🙂 Many filmmakers seem to use it to describe their work, a project they going to work on, or great film works from others. And recently, thanks to Jim Jannard’s Red Digital Cinema, the Red Epic, a 5K super … Continue reading

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