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Rest In Peace Steve

Yesterday we lost someone who literally changed our world.

Apple Macs & Steve Jobs circa 1984

I am sure there will be tonnes of blog posts, tribute videos, commentaries, fan mail… and even some hate mail, now that Steve Jobs has left this mortal plane. But I still wanted to write something about a man I never met, never saw in person, and never always agreed with.

I was never inclined to be a computer programmer, I hated DOS, and that weird monochrome “green screen”. So when the first Macintosh came out in 1984 I begged and begged my parents to get one… which was no easy task living in Trinidad. But my parents are awesome and sure enough we did get a Mac 512K and a tonne of those 3 1/2″ floppies. At that time I didn’t know who Steve Jobs was, I just knew that he made this amazing computer that didn’t have to use a command prompt to get anywhere, that was cool enough for me 🙂

And that’s exactly what Steve Jobs was… Cool 🙂 He didn’t technically invent things… he just made them much cooler, much better and in some cases a heck of a lot easier to use.

Sure I wasn’t a fan of the iPod, but along comes the iPhone and wham I was hooked… a device that allowed you to play music, watch videos, surf the internet, play games, take photos (although in it’s first and second iterations terrible ones), learn languages, calculate your taxes, get GPS directions and so much more, all in the palm of your hand… oops and make phone calls too. Revolutionary!!!

Sure by all accounts he had a huge ego and also had his share of failures, but his successes far surpassed his ego and his failures… in my opinion at least.

When the news first broke on his passing, I was over come with a sense of sadness, not because I knew Steve Jobs personally, but because we lost a truly unique individual. He was definitely one of a kind.

Rest in Peace Steve.
Your Innovation, Imagination, and Independent Thinking will be greatly missed by us all!


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