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Interesting times… they are occurring!

No I’m not talking about U.S. Politics, the State of Emergency in Trinidad & Tobago, or Kim Kardashian’s short lived marriage (now who of you really thought that would last?)

I’m talking about taking the steps necessary to make your dreams a reality. Less than two years ago as you may have read in my previous blog posts, I got a Canon 7D. Without even realizing it consciously, I began taking the steps to turn my passion for photography and recently film-making into something much more than just a hobby.

I am by no means an expert in either photography or film-making, although I’ve been doing the former for as long as I can remember. I don’t have a degree in either subject, and I doubt I ever will. But what I think I do have is a love for both; the knowledge that I’m not a natural in either; and the realization that for me, its all about practice, practice, practice. My parents always told me about that with regards to my school work… but I never listened… until now 🙂

Fall 2011 has definitely been an interesting time for me.
At the beginning of September, my friend Anthony and I entered the Chronos Film Festival with our Timelapsing Through Trinidad video. We were happy with what we created and it was well received, especially by many fellow Trinis from around the globe. However, it was by no means perfect and we have learnt a lot since then. We hope to apply our new found timelapse knowledge to what we’re calling 2.0, because we hope to include timelapses from Trinidad’s sister isle, Tobago.

In October, I was offered my first official Timelapse gig back home in Trinidad with the awesome production house, Jtography. They were hired to create a short video meant to attract foreign investment in T&T. I was on the project 10 of the 14 days they had to storyboard, acquire permissions, hire actors, shoot, edit, and deliver.

Little Bramper: Looks like something you shouldn't take in your carry-on luggage, but it's really good for timelapses 🙂

The days were long 12+ hours days, but somehow it didn’t feel like “work”. Thanks again to James (Founder, Jtography) & Anthony for bringing me on board.

Hiking to Avocat Falls to do Timelapse and RC Heli shots

It was an amazing experience, and once again I got to go to places I had never been to before in my homeland.

Seriously one of the most versatile pieces of gear in a timelapser/filmmaker's aresenal - The Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly with Oracle Controller and Elektra Drive Motor

And now November figuratively started off with a big bang via a Twitter Tweet. @ChonosFilmFest simply asked me:
“Did you hear who won most original?”
There were three prizes up for grabs at the festival:
Best Overall, Most Original, & Audience Choice
I already knew the timelapse video by the uber talented Randy Halverson (@dakotalapse), Tempest Milky Way won both Best Overall & Audience Choice, from a previous tweet, but there was no tweet about the Most Original winner.

When Anthony and I had submitted the video, we thought it would have been really cool to win something, but after seeing the dozens of submissions after ours, we thought for sure that we in the middle of the pack. I guess we were wrong…

Category Winners from Chronos Film Festival Website

I have no idea what will happen next… but all I can say is that I’m thankful for what has been happening and that you should never give up on your dreams… they don’t come easy, but they can come true if you have passion, dedication, hard work and a little luck 🙂


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