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Day 4… a day of rest… and blogging

Day 4 of being back home in Trinidad. It’s definitely great to be back home, but my attempt to timelapse Trinidad is having mixed results. The weather has been unpredictable, with rain falling at random times of the day in varying degrees of intensity and duration. Most of all though I really underestimated the importance of having a few extra days to scout locations and organize access to certain areas.

Timelapsing Maracas Beach Coconut Trees from Day 3

I have been able to capture a few TLs so far, but hoping to get some really nice evening and night ones during the remainder of my trip. In reality it isn’t just about timelapsing Trinidad, but discovering the homeland. Some of the places I’ve visited so far, I’ve either never been to or haven’t for a really long time.

For most of my journey, I’ve been accompanied by Anthony Fung. He is an integral part of the local talented Jtography production house and a great friend of mine. I’ve been using most of his Kessler Crane gear while I’m here, and we’ve been putting it through the rigors of the Trinidad weather. One of the last TLs we did was a small upward movement using the Kessler Crane Shuttle Pod with grabber wheels, mounted at an angle to the K-Pod. The angled Shuttle Pod was super smooth. I can’t say this enough, Kessler Crane gear is rock solid. The only issue we’ve really encountered is calibrating the Kessler Crane Revolution Head to do smooth transitions during timelapses. However, we seemed to have solved that issue by watching Tom Guilmette‘s SmartLapse Tutorial.

Kessler Crane K-Pod and Hercules Head soaked by Trinidad rain

Yesterday we also had a little, somewhat scary side adventure. Another friend of mine, Gregory has some family owned land in the hills of the north coast of the island. We decided that might be a great place to do a timelapse. The road access was all-wheel drive vehicles only. He has an all-wheel drive Rav 4, so we thought, hey why not 🙂 We headed down to the beach area, but half way down, the road had noticeably degraded since he last drove on it and it started to rain pretty heavily, so we decided to head back up. The turns had gotten pretty gnarly with the rain water rolling down them, they were pretty darn slippery. We passed a couple of turns but on one of the worst ones, we got stuck, with the left back wheel almost completely off the road. After a few tries, the wheels just kept spinning. Our spirits we high, but the area was a pretty remote place to get stuck in. We waited for about 20 minutes until the rain finally subsided a bit. Anthony and I got out and directed Greg to maneuver the SUV back and forth until it was sort of straight on the turn. After two tries, the wheels finally gripped and we carefully directed him over some pretty ugly sinks, we told him to just drive up until he got to a flat section. Haha that was a big mistake for Anthony and I, since the road was slippery and mossy, and you don’t realise until you get out of the car that the angle of the hill incline was 60+ degrees!!! It took us a little while to reach the vehicle. But we did make it out of there 🙂 Unfortunately that particular timelapse session was a bust, however the experience was unforgettable! Much respect to Greg and his Toyota RAV 4, even with a 4 cylinder engine!

Down the slippery slope

Looking forward to Day 5 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Day 4… a day of rest… and blogging

  1. Where was the scene with the statue captured??
    It looks amazingly simliar to Christ the Redeemer in Brazil!

    Posted by egas | September 1, 2011, 2:02 pm

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