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My Astro Timelapse Addiction

I know I don’t post nearly enough blog posts to be considered a blogger, but here’s my latest 🙂

As many of you might know… my name is Kevin and I’m a Timelapse addict. I love watching timelapse videos, as well as filming stuff in fast and slow motion.

Last weekend, Anthony and I ventured into the mosquito, snake, alligator, and other creepy crawlies infested National Park known as the Everglades… at about 1AM Sunday morning. Okay… it was the Pine Island campground in the Everglades, but it was still infested with all of the above mentioned fauna.

Our initial mission was to get an astro timelapse of the stars, maybe a Lyriad meteor or two to comp into one of the scenes of a Trinidadian tv pilot he was filming. Unfortunately the sky didn’t have the right look for the comp, but we still decided to do some timelapses.

For me, It was the first time seeing the Milky Way with my naked eye and while I couldn’t see its different colors or its extensive size, I could definitely see the outline of it in the sky… I was amazed… that is until I saw what the camera picked up after a 30″ second shot… then I was speechless!

I have always admired the astro timelapse photography of Tom Lowe (Timescapes), Shawn Reeder, Daniel Lowe, Dustin Farrell, and Eric Hines, and I am in awe of the dedication and skill they possess to create their amazing astro timelapses. Check out their Vimeo pages by clicking on their names above.

Pause for a moment to ponder on this mathematical problem 🙂
If Anthony and I had 2 cameras, and we shot stills for about 2 hours, and ended up with 10 seconds of combined timelapse footage. How many hours at night, usually in the middle of nowhere so that there’s minimal light pollution, do you need to create a 4 minute Astro Timelapse video? 🙂 That takes dedication!

All I know is that after seeing what Anthony and I were able to capture with our cameras, I’ll definitely be braving the mosquitoes et al to attempt more astro timelapses.

So… It’s official… if astro timelapses can get me to be in the pitch black, out in the middle of the Everglades with lizards… both big and small… I must really be an addict, who needs a fix 🙂

Below is the link to our really short astro timelapse. Thanks for reading the blog.


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